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 Net Spy Pro v4.0.36

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Net Spy Pro v4.0.36 Empty
PostSubject: Net Spy Pro v4.0.36   Net Spy Pro v4.0.36 EmptyThu May 06, 2010 10:00 am

Net Spy Pro v4.0.36

Net Spy Pro v4.0.36 41dafd710b

Net Spy Pro is the latest in employee and student network monitoring software. This program allows you to monitor all user activity on your network in real time from your own workstation.

This program makes it easy to see which users are wastin
g time at any given moment. Are your employees wasting time online or leaking sensitive data? Do your students visit inappropriate sites?

Quickly view detailed user activity logs or view multiple user screens in real time! Zoom in on problem users and filter activity. With NSP, you can even watch keystrokes as they are typed LIVE!

Who uses Net Spy Pro?

Employers seeking to regain discipline in their employees' Internet activity commonly use Net Spy Pro. Many companies are faced with employees whom waste time online when a supervisor has their back turned. Finding out the TRUTH about what they are doing *and* correcting an employee's bad behavior couldn't be easier.

Teachers needing to regain control of computer usage in their classroom also use Net Spy Pro. See an instant snapshot of all screens in your class to make sure they are working and not surfing the Internet or playing games. View web sites visited and much more. We offer special discount licensing for educational institutions.

Parents needing to ensure safety of their children online are also users of Net Spy Pro. Your children will think twice about doing something naughty online if you tell them you can see everything they do. View the screen in real time, monitor activity, block web sites or applications and do many other useful tasks. Works with any Windows based network, including wireless networks!

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Net Spy Pro v4.0.36
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