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 Comodo EasyVPN

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Comodo EasyVPN Comod-VPN-Screenshot-00

Comodo EasyVPN is the first completely free program to enable users to easily create virtual private networks between an unlimited number of PCs.

Virtual private networks (or VPNs) are secure and encrypted connections between PCs. In essence, any PCs connected to a shared network can “talk” to each other. The possibilities created by this software are endless.

If you’re a gamer, easily organize multiplayer gaming sessions with an unlimited amount of users. Chat with pals or coworkers using our secure instant messaging service. Share your entire iTunes library with whoever you desire. Create a P2P “Social VPN” to share and communicate with a group of trusted friends. Or let others easily view your saved photos without having to waste time uploading them to a site.

Comodo EasyVPN also provides office workers with new opportunities. Need to access some files on your personal PC while you’re at the office? Or on your office PC while you’re at home? EasyVPN lets you do just that. Users will even be able to print to their local printer from any remote location. EasyVPN never charges a fee, no matter how many computers you connect to a network. And it’s entirely free, forever.

Comodo EasyVPN - Features

* Access your PC from anywhere - EasyVPN allows you to take remote control of your home or work computer from any Windows PC in the world. Need access to the email on your machine? Have to get hold of an important file from your office computer? EasyVPN makes it simple to gain control of any machine in your network.
* Security by Comodo - 128 bit encrypted, peer to peer connections means your data and communications are 100% private and secure. EasyVPN allows you to create your own private 'network-within-the-Internet' that only the contacts you invite are able to view and use.
* Remote File and Printer Sharing - Creating an EasyVPN network allows you to exchange files and folders and even print to your local printer from any remote location. EasyVPN creates a watertight private network as secure as the one in your home or office over the Internet.
* Zero Touch Configuration - EasyVPN lives up to it name and can be setup in minutes even by a novice. After creating a user-name and password your machine is assigned an EasyVPN IP address. From this point you can immediately create your own network and invite other users to join it. Setting up a Virtual Private Network is now as easy as setting up an Instant Messenger application.
* Scalable, Flexible, Secure - EasyVPN networks can be as large or small as you need. Home users may want a network consisting only of themselves and a few friends so they can share files or access a shared server. Gamers can use EasyVPN to quickly organize a private network game. Businesses can just as easily use EasyVPN to create a highly secure worldwide network for collaboration on enterprise projects. Whatever your needs, EasyVPN guarantees a fast setup and 100% private and secure peer to peer connectivity.
* Secure Messaging - EasyVPN has a built in chat client that allows you to talk and transfer files effortlessly between all your network contacts. Unlike most instant messengers, the EasyVPN chat client is a secure communications channel which can be used to transfer highly confidential files and to conduct private conferencing sessions involving multiple contacts.


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Comodo EasyVPN
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